Alex Lobera is an experienced software engineer, trainer, speaker and technology entrepreneur based in London. He is an Agile and Lean enthusiast. He has founded a number of start-ups and also worked for other successful businesses like Stella & Dot. Alex is fascinated with web apps, creating his first Rich Internet App in 2004 using plain JavaScript and his own tools. Later he embraced the potential of the Backbone.js framework, which he used in conjunction with RequireJS in many projects.

Alex was an early adopter of AngularJS – creating new apps in commercial systems. He is currently working on React Apps for different companies in London. Alex is utilising React’s productivity and performance to iterate fast and create awesome interfaces.

He organises the JS Lab London Meetup where he tests his hands-on training. He loves teaching, making his students think deeply so they really understand when and why to use the techniques and concepts they learn.

Alex is a Spanish teacher and dance instructor.